I Wish I Couldn’t Cry- Tim Stone & Henry Coombs
Roman Casetta (Inxec Remix)- Dave Seaman
All Night Dancing Party (Original Mix)- Pezzner
Frequency Modulation (Original Mix)- HouseFool
Loosing My Feeling (Just Karl’s At The Beach Remix)- Matthias Seibert
Mugwai (Original)- AlterImage
Mind Control (David Keno Remix)- Schulze & Schultze
Eye of the Beholder feat. Emily Spiller (Tree Elves Remix)- Numbersix
Brighter Day (feat. J. Loud) (Original Mix)- The Undah-Dub, J. Loud
I Can See You (Deep Mix)- Gino Russo
Deprived of the Power to Speak Normaly (Original Mix)- Jacky 0