What can I say? I love music and love to dance. From an early age, I was known for always being the girl who could find songs that fit perfectly together. My passion for music is evidenced by the range in genres and my willingness to explore the unusual. My sets have something for everyone that will take you on a journey from beginning to end. In the end, it will leave you wondering where it all started. Music is where it all begins for me and set the mood on a dance floor. Whether I’m spinning the tunes or on the dance floor, I like dark, rich nasty, beats. When the music moves me, you will find me on the dance floor. When the music moves you, you might just find me at the controls on the decks. Come with me on a journey through progressive music that will defy being labeled in one genre. You may be in for a surprising trip. See you on the dancefloor….
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