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What a magical morning at Opulent Chill for Sunrise at Burning Man this year!!. I hope you enjoy this set as much I did playing. Please share your comments with me.

Every Word (Original)- Hybrid Healings/James/Truman
Eight Ball- Underworld
Tankwa Town- Oliver Koletzki
Elephant’s Hill (7even (GR) Remix)- Haft
Kasbah De Tarouriert (Seсora Remix)- Nhii
Sakhara (Original Mix)- Ohmero
Lightly Seared On The Reality Grill- Commoner
Rain Drops (Kermesse Remix) – Raidho
The Night (To Find Another Place Version)- Mr. Herbert Quain feat. HedUbble
Moving Close (Apparat Remix)- Warren Suicide
Drunk Salome- Christos Fourkis
Sansa (Original Mix) – Raw Main
Mantra de Bambaley (Original Mix)- Oliver Koletzki & Niko Schwind
Espejo Marco Tegui

Sunrise Set @Sonic Runway Bruning Man 2018

Deported (Heavy Mix)- John Debo & Steve Porter
The Gathering – Levente Remix Russell G
Subati- Oliver Koletzki, Niko Schwind
Kasai (Extended Mix)- Mambo Brothers
Dunja Dunja (Niconé Remix)- Sucré Salé
Inside The Legend (Squire Remix)- Raidho
The Rondom (Original Mix)- SIS
Durban (Original Mix)- Four Hands
Sigh From the Sky (Janno Kekkonen Deepsleep Remix)- MAM (AR)


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